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The Company

Our Core Focus

We have a passion for building relationships through superior analysis and specialized solutions. For us, success is when clients maximize equipment run time and minimize maintenance costs by utilizing MRT machine fluid analysis reports. Employees who succeed at our company incorporate our Core Values daily, which are: (1) overperform expectation, (2) be friendly and approachable, (3) maintain honesty and integrity, (4) never stop improving, and (5) promote an energized teamwork environment. Here's how we separate ourselves in what we do:

The MRT Difference

  • We offer the best machine fluid analysis reports on the market
  • Every analysis is reviewed by a Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS)
  • We re-test all off-trend results

Our Guarantee

We are never too busy to verify the accuracy of our test results and to do it promptly.

About Us

Our laboratory is located near the Houston Ship Channel in the heart of the US Gulf Coast refining and petrochemical industries. MRT has maintained an ISO 17025 since 2007 and in February 2019 upgraded its accreditation to the 17025: 2017 standard. MRT has over 200 active clients from a wide variety of industries including refining, chemical production, electrical power production, general manufacturing, aeronautical engineering, municipal water treatment, maritime services, and lubricant distribution, among others.

The People

Our team, led by president and owner Ben Hartman, is composed of two Certified Lubrication Specialists and a talented team of young, energetic laboratory technicians and two dedicated customer support specialists. The technical leadership team of Ben Hartman and Sean LeTard have two decades of combined experience in the fluids and chemical analysis businesses. They review every client sample report for clarity and accuracy before it is released, and they are available for consultation for any question you might have. Our internal team can also access an extensive network of industry experts specializing in various technical aspects of fluids analysis and equipment lubrication.

Company Bios

  • Ben Hartman
    • President
    • Mr. Hartman has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Rice University. He maintains two STLE certifications, the CLS and OMA I.
  • Sean LeTard
    • Director of Operations
    • Mr. LeTard has a Bachelor of Science from LSU. He has 12 years of experience in laboratory testing, quality control, and laboratory management in the industry of new lubricant manufacturing and used lubricant testing with Waterbury, Smitty’s Supply, and Calumet Partners. He maintains an STLE CLS certification.
  • Betty Garoutte
    • Office Director
    • Ms. Garoutte started with MRT in 2007 and she was formerly a Credit Manager for Continental Airlines with 25 years of experience with that firm.
  • John Hartman
    • Board Member
    • John Hartman is a board member and adviser to the company with a previously active CLS certification. Mr. Hartman was a previous owner of Lubrication Systems Company and an employee of ExxonMobil Chemical of 20 years prior.
  • Paul Goldman
    • Technical Adviser
    • Mr. Goldman is the founder and former president of the company. He continues to be a technical adviser for the company.